Friday, August 13, 2004

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Roppongi Hills)

sukiyabashi jiro
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With the Ginza sister rated by Zagat's as the top restaurant in Tokyo for food (a 26 pointer for food), we had high expectations of the sushi dinner. Jiro has two branches: the old one in Ginza, and the newer one (1 year old) at the Residence B complex of Roppongi Hills. We tried the latter.

We were greeted by a silent, austere environment (par for the course for high end sushi restaurants). With a closing time of 2100hr, we opted to start dinner early. The service was impeccable. Silent anticipation of every need. With sushi meals, an important aspect of service is the preparation and presentation. In this respect Jiro was par for the course, though not as spectacular as Kyubei Ginza in terms of presentation. The fish was brought in from the kitchen to the chef on a course-by-course basis.

Very good quality fish. In particular the white fish (hirame, sardine, saba) were very fresh. Special mention for the outstanding kurumaebi (giant shrimp) which came freshly boiled. The rice was a touch on the over-vinegared side for my tastes.

Prix Fixe menu at Yen20,000 per head plus plus. We started with some extra sashimi which brought the bill to just around Yen30,000 per head, inclusive of cold sake.

Overall rating: 2 burps (out of 3). Worth a visit, but I don't imagine going back again soon.


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