Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Agehan, Hong Kong

The best dark sauce tempura yet in Hong Kong.

SERVICE: Standard service with a Japanese flair. The Japanese maitre'd speaks mainly only Japanese, so you get an authentic "live-in-Tokyo" experience. You might get ignored a little, but not in a rude way. The decor is new and nice, subtle in a Japanese way. Lunch traffic is packed though weekends are much better for a relaxing meal with children. It's amazing how well behaved most the of kids are, who eat there.

FOOD: The one thing we go for here is the Deluxe Tempura. Served on a huge rice bowl, this meal comes with appetizer, soup and some cooked tidbits. The Tempura is huge and plentiful. The prawns are larger than most other tempura restaurants I've seen. The food is robust rather than delicate...almost like the Italian version of Japanese food. The dark sauce is rich and aromatic and is drizzled over the tempura and rice together. Aside from the requisite prawns, the tempura also includes kani (crab legs), several white fish, eel, a selection of different premium mushrooms, and a variety of vegetables. One other thing to note is that the store serves very good quality Japanese style coffee.

PRICE: around HK$250 per head.

OVERALL: 2 burps (out of 3). Great meal once every month. Not so much a business lunch as it may put you to sleep.

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I've been finding almost all of my sushi knife here

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